Manual Curtain Track

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Ripplefold Curtain Tracks

The curtain is provided with a snap belt. This can then be used to attach the curtain simply to the Swing skids. The slides are continually kept equidistant by means of a clever cord that lies invisibly in the rail. This allows your curtain to drape everywhere in an S-shaped fold, even when the curtain is closed. Additional advantages of the Ripple Fold Curtain system: The curtain can be removed more easily from the skids - for washing, for example. The opaque lining can be installed separately from the curtain and can be washed separately. The click-in skids can even be washed along with the curtains.

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Curtain Tracks

We are one of the largest manufactures of different type of curtain tracks. We are having manual operation, cord operation and motorized operation systems as options to offer in residential, hotel, commercial and healthcare.